「URs」ー U R soul





About URs

URs is new unit’s name of ‘ THE WHITE ‘ by U jisung as a singer / songwriter which comes into action in Japan newly from 2012 year.

U learned music in Japan and after graduating from the college of music in Tokyo, he came to Korea and started music activities for world activities.
Finally he has returned to Japan from 2012 and has begun real activity.

URs means that the song which “is reported to your soul” is sung, and was made with an abbreviation of U R soul, sings by the vocal with the feeling of the transparency in the motif of a nostalgic melody and gives you the original music painfully.

URs wanna move people’s mind deeply beyond the national boundaries by the song of English and Korean as well as Japanese and is advancing it.

Please take care of a lot of support!


U jisung (ユー・ジソン / 유 지성 )

* シンガーソングライター、ヴォーカリスト、俳優、MC

(ソウル)漢陽大学校 電子工学、コンプユータ工学部卒
(東京)東放ミュージックカレッジ 作曲科卒

韓国語・日本語・英語 / テクォンド3段 / 筋トレ